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What we Do

Each week during the school year we purchase, pack and deliver bags of shelf-stable food to the three schools we support.  Each bag typically contains 2-3 Breakfast items, 2-3 lunch items, fruit items and a variety of snacks. Last year we packed about 8000 bags of food for almost 300 students.




The Kiawah Women’s Foundation was established in 2013. The organization started when Terry Weaver and Theresa Widuch, two Kiawah Island Residents, learned from the Angel Oak Elementary school principal that often a students last meal was the free lunch provided by the schools on Friday and that they didn’t have a real meal again until Monday’s free breakfast. They knew they had to do something about that! With the help of Cary McGann as their shopper, the Kiawah Women's Foundation Backpack Buddy Program was formed. They started packing weekend food bags for 25 children out of their homes. By 2019 the Kiawah Women's Foundation was packing over 400 bags for three local schools! In 2015 Theresa and Terry also started the Teen Christmas Project which provided holiday gifts to approximately 100 kids from Haut Gap Middle School and St. Johns High School. They chose this age group because the kids were aging out of the Angel Tree and Salvation Army Christmas programs. In addition to this program, the Kiawah Women's Foundation has also become a financial resource to the social workers for emergency issues (need of rent, utility bills, extra food, etc.). Guided by the school counselors and administrators, we continue to expand our programs to serve local children in need in impactful ways and to continue the original mission of our founders.



Parents Comments

“I am thrilled and grateful that this program lives on.  It’s been a decade now and all of you ladies that are working with the foundation should be gratified because you have helped feed a generation of children.  The kids who started with us in 2013 are now adults.  Words cannot express how appreciative I am of all your efforts.”

- Theresa Widuch

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